It is a fact that the real estate market is always an interesting market, even when it is in crisis for some time. Prices go up and down and deals come and go. Properties change use and require renovations in order to meet the needs of their new owners. In this context, interventions are most often required in the electromechanical systems in order for the building to:

  • To achieve a higher energy level and consequently have lower operating costs
  • To inform its user about its faults and technical problems
  • Be able to be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world
  • To offer increased safety and comfort
  • To offer a heightened sensory entertainment experience
  • To be technologically scalable according to the user's financial capacity (pay as you go)
  • To be able to accept any future building technological development
  • To be ready to connect to the upcoming smart city, to take advantage of the existing low electricity tariffs from now on, fluctuating its electricity loads.

The problem is that the buildings of the last fifteen years are "like new" and their buyers bought them "as an opportunity" and want to utilize them quickly and with low renovation costs, but having the above requirements.


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